In 2006, Landsbergis also directed the play Elgė the Queen of Serpents (Eglė, žalčių karalienė) written by Jonas and Daiva Vaiškūnas and based on the Lithuanian folk tale. It is intended not only for the children, but for the whole family. It is a story of love, faithfulness and betrayal. The latter is the main cause of the tragedy of Eglė, Žilvinas and their children. However, Landsbergis says that: “Actually, it is a play (…) about love. My goal was to show the ability of love to overcome all obstacles. It may not win the battle in this particular story, but the end of the play suggests that in a year or two the curse will be lifted, and people will once again be able to live in harmony with nature, grass snakes, faith and love. And nobody will be murdered or stigmatised. Essentially it is a story of tolerance.”