In 2006, Landsbergis produced the play Bunker (Bunkeris) in Lithuanian National Drama Theatre using the diaries and letters of Lithuanian partisan officers Lionginas Baliukevičius “Dzūkas”, Adolfas Ramanauskas “Vanagas” and Juozas Lukša “Daumantas”, as well as excerpts from the autobiography and poems of the poet Kostas Kubilinskas. The play is a documentary drama about a writer Kostas Skinkis. Torn by contradictions, he cannot make a decision, whether to remain loyal to the Lithuanian partisans fighting in the forests, or to sell out to the enemy enabling himself to continue writing poetry. Skinkis is the prototype of Kostas Kubilinskas. The theatrologist Daiva Šabasevičienė believes that “the complex psychological drama has in a way rehabilitated an author (Kubilinskas) read by an entire generation and a poet whose political death and betrayal – the facts revealed after the restoration of national independence – have since cast him into oblivion. Only a writer could identify with a person of his trade caught in the most complicated situation. (…) Landsbergis does not bluntly take us on a journey to the past, but turns documented facts into reality transforming the act of selling out into an open dilemma which is relevant even today.” The play was prized with two awards in the Baltic Theatre Festival – one for the best director and one for the best actor (Gediminas Storpirštis).