The first album titled Countryside Mantras (Kaimiečių mantros) was recorded in 2004 and consists of two CDs with 40 Lithuanian folk songs accompanied by a guitar. The songs are performed by Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Ramunė Landsbergienė and Regimantas Žitkauskas.
  “The major part of the album consists of folk songs and folk ballads that have always fascinated me. Some of them have a modern touch and may sound like romances, for which I apologise to the fans of pure folklore. The album also contains several authorial songs. And the last song I Drank Beer (Gėriau alutį) performed in Samogitian dialect is a soundtrack for a non-existing musical film. I created the arrangement together with the saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas, while the voices were lent by the ethnographic band fronted by Evaldas Vyčinas...” speaks Landsbergis about his first album.