About books


Vytautas V. Landsbergis is most well known for his writings for children. His books are not simply entertaining, humorous, adventure stories, but the author also tries to impart eternal values to the young generation – love, mercy, social responsibility, and the desire to develop individual personality. Their universal spirit is the reason why people of all ages enjoy these books.

Landsbergis belongs to a generation of young writers from the Baltic states who are confident enough of a child’s intellectual ability to adopt an experimental method of narration rather than a teacherly stance.

Vytautas V. Landsbergis’s fairy-tales Tales of the Little Brownnoser and Dominic, the Horse in love were named the best books of the year.

Dominic, the Horse in love is translated into Swedich, Ukrainian, Italian, Kroatian etc; was granted entry to the White Ravens Catalogue (2005) of the International Youth Library in Munich and included on the IBBY Honours List (2006).

Vytautas V. Landsbergis’s is nominated to Astrid Lindren Memorial Award (2008).

Outstanding artists illustrate the author’s books, and they are currently being translated into other languages. They are also presented in international book fairs.

Additionally, Vytautas V. Landsbergis records most of his books onto compact discs, combining the stories with songs. He and other Lithuanian directors have presented many performances for children based on those records.

Since 1994 Vytautas V. Landsbergis has published 12 books for children in Lithuania:

1994    Tales of the Little Brownnoser (Fairy-tales; Best book for children in 1995)
1995    Tales - Not Tales                          (Poems for children)      
1999    Apple Tales                               (Fairy-tales for children)
2003              Angels’ Tales                        (Fairy-tales for children)
2004             Dominic, the Horse in love (Fairy-tales; Best book for children in 2005) In 2006, this book was translated into Swedish and published in Sweden.
2005                       Little Mouse Zita                         (Fairy-tales for children)
2005                       Little Fishy                                       (Poetic fable)
2005                       A Boy and the Seagulls               (Psychological mystical story)
2006                       Lazybones’ Fairy-tales                   (Fairy-tales for children)
2006                       Julia‘s Dreams                               (Fairy-tales for children)
2006                       Egg Fairy-tales                               (Poems for children)
2007                       Moose Eugene                              (Fairy-tales)    
2008                Dominic’s trip to the stars        (Second volume of fairy-tales about Horse Dominick)